Imaging and Radiology Equipment

We sell medical devices, coming from Germany, with full warranty and support. We also have all spare parts needed for after sales service and support to ensure your investment.
All equipment that we sell, is equipped with correct service certificate that shows periodical services on the device, according to their scheduled maintenance plan.

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Ultrasound Equipment

  • High level echo

    We offer ultrasound devices ECHO of latest technologies, modern multi-application. We have ECHO 4-D in affordable prices and we accept flexible payment methods. We are sure that we have the best offer on Ultrasound devices, so prior to decide on your business plan, come to visit our stock and make your right selection. . . . . . .Read more...

    Standard level echo

    This is base group of Ultrasound devices for standard ultrasound examinations. This group includes multi application ECHO devices that support Color Doppler technology and cover a wide range of modern ultrasound examinations. . . . Read more...

    Base level Echo

    This is start level of ultrasound equipment that includes multi application BW ultrasound devices, but they do not offer Color Doppler technology. . . . . . . Read more...

Radiology Equipment

  • Radiology equipment


  • We offer different radiology equipment starting from simple x-ray devices up to Computed Tomography devices of latest technology CT-Scanners, MRI Equipment etc. . . Read more...

Laboratory Equipment

  • Laboratory Equipment

    We have also biomedical equipment for clinic, biochemical and hormonal laboratories, Hematology analyzers, Chemistry analyzers, Centrifuges, Microscopes etc. . . Read more...


  • Consumables

    We have consumable for radiology and ultrasound, printing papers, medical Gel for ECHO, X-ray films, casettes and contrast as well as medical furniture. . . Read more...